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About The Eyes of Learning

Long before Brian Weiss wrote about reincarnation in 1988, or Barbara Brennan wrote about energy healing in 1988, a group of like-minded individuals on Long Island had already been meeting for several years sharing seemingly fantastic experiences they could not explain and to ponder many metaphysical phenomenon that seem almost commonplace today.

It began simply enough when Co-Founder Elaine Resnik did a lecture on ESP, Dreams and Edgar Cayce. To her surprise, many other people thirsted for this knowledge. In the early days, the small group gathered in a private home in Northport to discuss one member’s experience with extra sensory perception or to listen to another reveal encounters with the angelic realm. Astrology and tarot were among other early subjects discussed as the group grew larger.


After two years they moved to a larger home in Plainview and then to the Plainview Library where as many as 85 people attended the meetings. In 1986 the group moved into its current location at Levittown Hall in Hicksville and many more learned about a special place, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, where people could come to share their ideas and their apprehensions with others who could understand. Out of this need for community, this longing for connectedness, an organization and a Long Island institution evolved.


Our Programming

On July 23, 2022 the Eyes of Learning, Inc. will celebrate its 41st year as the most highly respected metaphysical, holistic and spiritual teaching and learning organization on Long Island. The group is dedicated to providing members and the public at large, a broad-based exposure to a variety of philosophies by offering diverse subjects being very careful not to endorse any one belief over another.

Some topics that have been offered over the years included such favorites as Feng Shui, ESP, UFOs, reincarnation, and angels. Other subjects have included astral travel, tarot, aromatherapy, astrology, channeling, reiki, crystals, alternative healing, mediumship, spirit guides, numerology, mental telepathy, meditation, primordial sound, tai chi and much more!

The Executive Council & Volunteers

No longer just an informal group of friends, (but a friendly group nonetheless) this 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation is run by a Board of Directors and Executive Council comprised entirely of volunteers. Volunteers hold positions such as Treasurer, Recording Secretary and are also formed into committees such as Programming (who find and schedule the speakers), Hospitality and Set up (who set up and put away tables, chairs and refreshments for each event) and Membership (who ensure members’ dues are current). The Executive Council holds public meetings 10 times a year. Volunteers are the mainstay of the organization and are always in demand. If you think you can help and would like to volunteer your time, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Become a Member

Though the general public is welcome to attend the many programs offered, paid memberships help to fund the ongoing operations of the organization and enable it to secure top name lecturers from outside the local geographic area to supplement local speakers. Consider becoming a member today!


Our Fundraising Events

Two annual festivals, one in the spring and one in the fall, are the group’s primary fund raising events. Vendors rent tables at the festival to sell such items as crystals, jewelry, candles,T-shirts, books and more. Food and Aura readings are also usually available along with a host of other fine products and services. In addition, local area psychics freely volunteer their time as readers. In return, the readers gain a great deal of satisfaction knowing they have given back to the universe by helping to support this valuable Long Island metaphysical resource.

For more information about meetings, membership or any questions call the EOL hotline at (516) 450-8905 or visit our Contact page.

Image by Sabine Schulte
Image by Greg Rakozy
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