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Daniel Akner

Daniel Akner is a Master Psychic/Medium, Certified Reiki Master and Fine Artist and the recipient of the New York State Arts Grant.


He has had the honor of working with Harry Houdini’s personal divination deck from 1919. His haunted 1800s Victorian home has been featured and investigated in paranormal documentaries.


Daniel’s Contact Information:

Facebook: Daniel Akner

Instagram: Daniel Akner 

Phone: 516/867-3125


Winter Brook


Winter Brook is a psychic medium from Northport, NY and is a retired attorney. She is an Ambassador with the Eyes of Learning for over a decade participating in many functions.


She demonstrates mediumship frequently across the US and Internationally, at over 55 Long Island libraries, Lily Dale Assembly, colleges, civic groups, metaphysical centers, and churches.


She teaches psychic abilities, mental mediumship, trance and physical mediumship. She sits for development of physical mediumship with her Shambhala Circle.


She is a certified mental medium and ordained Spiritualist minister. A former woman of the year and Rotarian of the year for her volunteer humanitarian endeavors, as well as former director on the Northport Chamber of Commerce.


She presently hosts 2 monthly internet shows centered on metaphysical topics and fosters kittens for local rescues.


Winter Brook meets with private clients online or in person at her Northport L.I. office.

Winter Brook Contact Information



Phone: 631-261-9300


Deeangelys Colon

Deeangelys (Dee) Colon: Spirit Communicator, Empath, Tarot Interpreter, Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator. Reader for 25+ years who receives messages from those in spirit and guides people to seek the answers to problems from within.


Dee has a BA in Psychology and Art History. Appearances include the Queens Psychic Club, The Eyes of Learning Metaphysical Center, NY Theosophical Society, and various Long Island & NYC Psychic Fairs.


Dee has done promotional events for Court TV’s “Psychic Detectives”; appeared on MSNBCs “Count Down with Keith Olberman”; Telemundo Spanish network’s, “Al Rojo Vivo” and QPTV’s “Psychic Awakening”.


Dee has been a guest on internet radio programs including “I’ve Got Your Number”, “Kindness Beyond the Veil”, and “Supernatural Realm Radio”.


She has conducted paranormal investigations for over 17 years and has worked with several groups including Paranormal Investigations of NYC, Second Sight of Staten Island, Beyond Investigations in Long Beach CA, Hunt with Holzer paranormal team in upstate NY and Ghost Hunters of Long Island.


Dee's Contact Information


Joseph D'Airo

Joseph D'Airo is a seasoned and gifted Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Channeler, Level 3 Reiki Healer, Architectyral Designer, Feng Shui Designer & Consultant, Seer and Activator. 


Coming from a family of mediums and Intuitives, Joseph has been well supported in his development of his abilities for over 12 years. The evolution has been amazing from starting from the ground up to who he is today. 


Joseph says that messages from spirit are meant to guide on our journey in becoming who we are. Giving messages of love, healing, guidance, possibilities, he channels spirit, angels, guides, and higher energies to give clarity to everything. 


For years Joseph has focused on raising vibrations to create positive manifestations and has taught groups and mentored individuals how to bring higher vibrations into their lives. With hos Medium Psychic work,


Joseph has appeared in front of crowds, special events, restaurant psychic dinner nights, and has given countless individuals reading channels all energies that wish to communicate. His work also extends to his Reiki/ Shaman healing, mentorship, akashic record reading, past life regressions, house and business energy clearings and blessings, and Feng Shui consulant with knowledge in astrology and crystal grids. 


Joseph likes to think the house clearings are like ghostbusting, sometimes. He uses all his senses to communicate with spirit, higher master guides and different energies and has maintained his own energies while doing so. 

If you would like to know a little more please visit Joseph's website: 



Dawn Marie Delahunt

Dawn Marie Delahunt aka “Angel Eyes Dawn Marie,” is an Angelic Oracle, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor & Intuitive Development Coach.  She recently became an International Best-selling Author of “Intuitive Speaking Her Truth” The Art of Grace Publishing. 


Dawn’s signature gift is that she has a unique ability to inspire and awaken the innate intuitive gifts of others. Dawn does this through her readings, certification courses, workshops, mentorship programs and intuitive development classes.


After losing a friend in the tragic events on September 11th,2001 Dawn had an awakening. She learned that by creating her own spiritual practices, connecting with Spirit, and using energetic protocols on a regular basis that she could transform her pain into her power.  


Dawn encourages her followers, clients, and students to rise above and see the love so that they can live a peaceful, happier, more fulfilled life.  She believes it’s time for us all to see with Angel Eyes!!!  


She inspires you “to be the you, you are meant to be”.  She is here to help you see your inner truth.   She is truly passionate to let everyone know that “We Are All Special, We Are All Gifted.”


To purchase Intuitive Speaking Her Truth can go to the Art of Grace Publishing House website:


Connect with Dawn 




My project-1-3.png

Carole Ann Durand

Carole is a Clairvoyant Numerologist for over twenty-five years. She is also a Spiritual Reiki Master. She gives lectures, readings at "Eyes of Learning" that is a non-profit organization and a member in good standing. She also gives lectures at libraries and volunteers her time for fund raising events for organizations. Carole teaches an eight-week course at continuing Adult Education at East Meadow High School.

Carole understands the magical and mystical vibration character of numbers in the birth path and name of a person. This belief has a history that goes back to ancient times
from Mesopotamia to Pythagoras. The question here is what are your numbers?

Carole's contact number



Sandy Guarnotta

Reverend Sandy Guarnotta is recognized on television, radio and in print as an internationally known Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Galactic Channel. The New York Daily News has interviewed and quoted her in several articles. These articles refer to Sandy as “an expert in the field of extraterrestrials” and as “the other Long Island Medium.” Alan Steinfeld, creator and producer of the show New Realities, titles Sandy a "Visionary for the Planet.”


Sandy is also a Psychologist who practiced for over 35 years. This background combined with her divine spiritual gifts, offers a unique and profound life changing experience for all.


As a child Sandy experienced NDE and as an adult Sandy was diagnosed with an illness that she refused to accept. In meditation she connected with the MAP team, who channeled and instructed her in different modalities of cellular healing energy to use on herself. In gratitude Sandy vowed to assist others onto the pathway of healing, by offering and teaching medical intuitive and healing sessions. She created a CD titled, “Healing Meditations from Beyond” a compilation of healing energy modalities Spirit channeled for her healing.


As Reverend of the Order of Melchizedek, Sandy was granted status of ambassador for the Interplanetary Galactic Council to serve as a channel of the Pleiadians. Her channeled revelations about our future world represent hope and promise for individual soul and global evolution. 

Sandy's Contact Information

Email preferred.



Roni Todd

Roni Todd BA & MSW is not only a reverend but also a licensed social worker. Roni has been called the #1 Palm Reader in NY. Her many years of social work experience has assisted her with many of the complex problems of her clients. She has been on Court TV’s show “Psychic Detectives” twice and has done readings on WGBB and Long Beach Radio.

She has done many classes and lectures at the Eyes Of Learning, the Queens Psychic Club, and at A Time For Karma and has done charitable classes for many groups. She reads Palms, along with tarot cards, animal spirits, and is contacted by spirits and angels 

Roni has been spiritual her entire life, her exceptional talents being used for others for the last 51 years. Her ability to bring a sense of wisdom and calm to everything has made Roni an invaluable friend and resource to many over the years. Not only will her spiritual background assist you, but her experience as a Social Worker, and years as an ordained minister provide varied and balanced insight. 

As a relationship specialist, Roni is well-equipped to guide you through even the hardest of times with the spiritual guidance you require. Her years of experience will enhance your spiritual journey, as well as provide often much-needed comfort. Roni is a friend and a teacher to those looking to embark on a spiritual path or continue down one; as well as those who are simply curious about their lives and relationships. Roni has a tremendous knowledge of tarot, crystals, astrology, clairvoyance, clairaudience, auras, angels, spirit guides, and all things mystical. She is truly Long Island's finest palm readers!

A believer in using spiritually-based philanthropic efforts, Roni has often made radio and television appearances to help those in need. As a renown lecturer, Roni has also given educational classes at many institutions. 


Please feel free to start or continue your journey right with Roni. She is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Roni's Contact Information


Call for Readings  516-889-3732.

A Time For Karma

14 S Village Ave

Rockville Centre, NY

Days: Thursdays, call for times


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